Rubyvale Observatory

The ‘Gems by Day, Jewels by Night’ Observatory is a fascinating tour into the wonders of the night sky above the Sapphire Gemfields. While the sapphires take up your day activities, the outback sky provides diamond nights.

The powerful 14” Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope is perfect for seeing the magnificent clusters and colours of stars throughout the constellations. Look through the eyepiece at the ‘wandering’ planets and the amazing sight of Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s many moons. Gain an insight and understanding of the sheer beauty, size and immensity of the universe. Come and enjoy our outback night sky wilderness.

Complimenting the ‘Night Time Session’ is a daytime ‘Sun Viewing’  – utilizing a Lunt 80 hydrogen alpha solar telescope. This sun dedicated telescope filters the wavelengths of light so you can see the blazing gaseous activity of the sun in safety. Be amazed at the sunspots, flares and filaments seen on its massive surface. The sun is in solar maxima where activity on its visible surface is at it maximum so you won’t be disappointed. Not to be missed.


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