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Armfest Pty Ltd

Contact: Carol Graham
Work Lot 128 Rubyhill Crescent Sapphire QLD 4702 AustraliaWork PO Box 336 Sapphire QLD 4702 Australia Phone: 07 49854290


Fossicking Park specializing in willaby use and Identification of Gemstones.
Miners of Commercial quantities of Sapphire.
Rough and Cut sapphire available for sale.

Armfest Pty Ltd

Commercial Miners for over 47 years on the Central Queensland Gemfields, also run Armfest Fossicking Park situated in a beautiful lagoon setting , open hours are 8 am to 12 noon . Our main focus is teaching tourists how to correctly use a willaby and identify the gemstones in raw sapphire wash supplied from our mining operations. The gemstones tourists have recovered during the morning session are then graded for gem cutting. All necessary information on cutting their gem finds are then supplied to them. Due to the area being a wildlife zone we have a strict no dog policy.

We also supply only Australian Cut and rough sapphire sourced directly from our mine sites. History Certificates, independant valuations and photographs of our investment sapphire range are supplied.

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