Entertainment Galore!

Each year Gemfest engages a variety of fabulous entertainers for our visitors, and the ample shaded seating presents a wonderful opportunity to take a break from your Gem hunting.

On the main stage we have all-day live music from some top-notch entertainers.

And, the entertainment does not confine itself to the stage… comedians and roving performers provide the most unexpected entertainment all over the Gemfest site…

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More Than Mime Theatre

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This world-renowned 3-person theatre troupe will delight with their unique style of roving street theatre throughout Gemfest and will teach performance skills to Anakie school children who will then perform  at the Official Opening….and at the flats in Rubyvale during the Sat Night Spectacular.

More than Mime Theatre is a distinctive and quality inventor of roving, stage & installation acts for events. With acts that surprise, touch, intrigue & delight people, we bring the extraordinary into everyday life. More than Mime strives to affect people on an emotional level with performances that evoke an idea, a feeling, or a story rather than simply being decorative. More than Mime acts can be enjoyed by anyone willing to be transported to another world for just a moment. We believe in bringing theatre to people who don’t expect it, are not looking for it and who might not otherwise see it… making life more beautiful in this busy world. Most of all, More than Mime Theatre makes people go ‘Wow!’

Frans Vogels is a multi-discipline theatre maker and performer originally from Holland. His background is in Classical Mime and Pantomime and he has studied with many masters including Marcel Marceau and Halina Witek. His many years of intensive training have given Frans a remarkable quality of movement and rare skills, such as the ability to not blink for up to 30 minutes. Frans also studied theatre design at the Academia of Art in Utrecht (Holland). In 1989 Frans started the company Bolo, Multi Theatre for Concepts and Performances (Netherlands) which was hugely successful and instrumental in establishing the corporate theatre market in Holland. In 2007 Frans decided that it was time for a new challenge so he moved to Australia to start More Than Mime Theatre.

Frans’ use of unusual materials (such as rubber latex) gives his costumes and sets a unique and magical quality with a startling likeness to wood, iron or stone. His performances have been described as ‘visual spectacles combining humour and finesse’, where the audience will ‘enter into a poetic experience through the international language of mime, pantomime and physical expression’.

Frans is passionate about the art of Living Statue-a discipline poorly understood in Australia due to the dearth of quality practitioners. Frans is determined to show Australian audiences that there are many more possibilities for living statue than a man painted gold (or silver or white).

Chae Lindeman is a circus performer and trainer with over 15 years of experience in community arts. She held the position of Workshop Program Manager and Head Trainer for Vulcana Women’s Circus for 10 years and was Acting Artistic Director in 2010-2011. Chae was also a member of the management committee of ACAPTA (Australian Circus & Physical Theatre Association) 2011-2012. Chae has many years of experience working with children, youth and adults from diverse cultural backgrounds and has facilitated circus projects in schools throughout Brisbane and regional Queensland.

Chae also has a successful freelance performing career, providing circus acts and roving entertainment for events and festivals. She has toured all over Australia and Europe and performed for the King and Queen of Denmark in 2005. She is one of the creators of Juice, a physical theatre and kinetic sculpture show which has had seasons on Queen St Mall, Judith Wright Centre, Tivoli Theatre and Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Wayne Van Wijk (aka Domino the Jester) is a freelance children’s entertainer, full time father and part-time Clown Doctor. He has over 20 years of experience teaching and performing circus to kids of all ages. He was originally inspired by the street theatre and contemporary clowning at Expo ’88. He began to spend every spare moment practicing circus and magic tricks and by 1992 was able to give up his day job in the retail jewellery trade, becoming a full time performer and workshop trainer. Since then he has performed thousands of shows and circus workshops for countless people in many wonderful places including Norfolk Island, Scotland, England, France, Holland, Jordan, Israel, Thailand, Cambodia… and regional QLD!


After all of this entertainment and with a pocket full of sapphire jewellery you are probably hungry and thirsty. Fear not… there is plenty to satisfy you…

Feed me, water me…


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