Competitions & Prizes

Each year thousands of dollars in prizes are up for grabs at Gemfest, including awesome sapphires, jewellery and countless other fabulous treasures donated by our wonderful sponsors.

Some of the spectacular sapphires and jewellery pieces won by visitors to Gemfest in past years……


Be sure to check out the Gemfest Blog for the latest announcements on prize offerings, results and other information about Gemfest prizes and competitions. As always, there will be some great prizes on offer and many ways to win…

Gemfest Raffle

Of course, there is the world-renowned Gemfest Raffle, with tickets available at venues across the Gemfields in the weeks leading up to Gemfest and, of course, at Gemfest itself.  All three prizes are beautiful jewellery pieces featuring local Gemfields sapphires…  Yes, you may well drool!



Everybody’s favourite… the Stake-A-Claim competition!  Buy a claim flag for two bucks and stick it anywhere you like on the huge map of the Gemfields. Every hour a set of map coordinates is drawn randomly and whoever’s claim is closest wins a prize.  Acquiring a quality sapphire has never been so easy or so much fun!

$2 per ticket, with some fabulous prizes offered by our sponsors including valuable sapphires, jewellery and accommodation packages. You’ve got to be in it to win it, and the sooner the better… your flag stays in place for all of the draws of the day.

Mega Draw

If you’ve been smart enough to purchase a Gemfest Passport (allowing you unlimited access to Gemfest over the whole four days) you are eligible for the Mega Multi-Prize Draw.  What a bonus!….you are in the draw for thousands of dollars of fabulous jewellery and voucher prizes.

Lucky Gate Draw

Simply fill in your gate ticket and pop it in the box at the Gemfest main entrance. There is a gate draw every day, and each day you attend you get to enter (buy a Gemfest Passport, come all four days and get 4 chances to win!)


Of course no premier festival like Gemfest would be complete without a wide range of entertainment. From musical and comedy on our big stage through to streetwalking music and clowns for the kids everyone will find something to delight…

Entertain me!…


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